Do Not Be Reckless

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Do Not Be Reckless

               When contemplating the reality of all animate and inanimate things like humans, animals, trees, mountains, buildings or the earth itself, we all share the same cycle. Everything is
destined to take its shape, last for a while and then perish. This is the same as our ancestors
who have gone before us. There is no exception even with the past Buddhas who possessed
supreme insight, knowledge and superb conduct. They had to leave their physical form and enter Nirvana. We too, one day will have to leave this world.


             This cycle of death and rebirth has repeated itself over and over innumerable lifetimes. Once we are aware of this fact, we should learn how to relinquish all ephemeral things. The rest of our lives should be devoted to the true purpose of human birth. Do not be reckless by allowing yourself to be carried away with worldly pleasures.


             Have a close look at this world. Utilize your possessions including life, wealth, family,
friends, intelligence, wisdom and power, to perform good deeds and pursue perfections. We should keep this in mind every day. Do not delay yourself any further as it might be too late, for death may snatch you away without warning. Then we lose everything we have, and there is no opportunity to perform good deeds anymore.


3 June 2007

AT LAST YOU WIN  By Luang Por Dhammajayo

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