Qualifications for Ordination

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Qualifications for those to be Ordained
Those who wish to be ordained as a monk must be at least
20 years of age.
-The persons forbidden from being ordained are:
First, those fall under the following categories:
1. Those who are homosexuals
2. Those who are hermaphrodites
Second, those who have done wrong against Buddhism:
1. Those who have killed an arahant.
2. Those who have harmed or assaulted nuns
3. Those who have been falsely ordained before
4. Those who have been ordained previously, but have since changed religions, and now wish to be
ordained again.
5. Those who have been ordained previously, but have broken the ten precepts, and were asked to
leave monkhood.
6. Those who have caused schism in the monastic community
7. Those who have caused harmed a Buddha
Third, those who have killed their parents or guardians.
Those who fall into any of these categories are unworthy of ordination and strictly forbidden from
going forth into the monkhood.
-Those who are not eligible, but not forbidden from being ordained
Although not expressly forbidden from being ordained, those who fall under the following
categories are not deemed recommendable. However, if they are already ordained, it does not mean
that they must disrobe if they suffer from these handicaps:
1. Those who suffer from the following diseases
a. Leprosy
b. Measles or Pox - related illness
c. Fungus of the skin
d. Throat and lung disease
2. Those whose limbs are missing
3. Those who suffer from skeletal deformity
4. Those who are handicapped, blind, or deaf
5. Those who suffer from debilitating weakness
6. Those who have prior restrictions or commitments, such as not having parental or guardian
consent, or by reasons of royal decree.
7. Those who have outstanding debts
8. Those who have been convicted of a crime.
9. Those who are notorious for wrongdoings and mis deeds.
-Those who are eligible though may not yet be ready to be ordained.
Those who may not yet be ready to be ordained, but are eligible, and not forbidden from doing so,
are as follows:
1. Those who lack a preceptor
2. Those who do not have an alms bowl
3. Those who do not have saffron robes
4. Those who do not have both of the previous items
5. Those who borrow an alms bowl
6. Those who borrow saffron robes
7. Those who borrow both of the previous items

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